With God All Things Are Possible

Experience His Presence as the days of Samuel at Ramah. With God all things are possible. Naioth Church was born and founded from 1st Samuel 19 verses 18 - 23. Naioth House International Ramah Ministries is a purpose driven church, following Jesus Christ and fully empowered by the Holy Spirit. The Church stands in the gap, building bridges, bringing people of various mentalities together in love, and in the presence of God.

The Chuch's momentum is bringing people to Jesus Christ through uniting the forsaken and the isolated people, the poor and the rich, the professionals and non professionals, the low ranked and high officials, the educated and uneducated, couples and families, widows and ophans, men and women, boys and girls, all together in one love, one Spirit and one mind worshipping God because of who He is and for taking us this far.

Our Lord is God of the unusual and does awsome miracles for His people. Naioth House International Ramah Ministries has become a place of recognition, a place of enjoying the presence of God and is rapidly growing.


Prayer Meeting

Join us on this one day powerful prayer meeting every Monday

Leadership Meeting

Meet and greet the Pastors every Tuesday

Bible Studies

We conduct our bible studies every Wednesday, please join us


All Night Prayer
Luke 6:12 - It was at this time that He went off to the mountain to pray, and He spent the whole night in prayer to God.
Youth Service
The main purpose is to build and equip the youth with biblical tools, so they can be Spiritual balanced and be good future leaders in church and sociaty.
Church Service
Devotional Prayer, Welcome of Church Saints and Guests, Bible Study, Testmonies, Praise and Worship, Word of God, Altar Call, Closing Prayer and Blessing by Pastor.


Once you have made up your mind to become a member, and feel the spirit is pushing you, then you ought to fill-in your membership form and submit. It's advisable to inform your next of kin, friend or family of your decision making. Have the ability to stand firm for your salvation. Never allow people to distract you from your decision making. God is real and He loves you for His own glory. Jesus Christ is alive, He lives. Being a member it is very profiting as your life is renewed, and through receiving the Word of God, there is reproof, restoration and correction. Purity and power of your prayer life is an index by which you can determine the extent to which you are profiting by reading, searching the scriptures and being taught the biblical principles.

Through rich biblical teachings you receive, you can find it more benefiting. Your commitment in Christ compels you to benefit in all aspects of life. There is spiritual growth and development of your faith you attain through the Word of God. Social you become a family member of the Church, which warrants you to get together and all social meetings. The Church family has much compassion for every member despite age or gender. During hard times and difficult situations the family stands firm with you. You and the Church will benefit more and experiance the love of God through oneness.

It is the desire of the Church to see you growing spiritual, and social, as well develop your faith. Hence, the Church is profited and you also benefit from membership through biblical leadership trainings, meetings and fellowship. Being a purpose driven Church it expands and develops through social group seminaries and conferences. As more and more people come in from all walks of life, the Church grows. Ther remain a momentum of building up life of saints, bridging the gaps and becoming one body, one people as God continuously embrace the Church with Grace.