Naioth House International Ramah Ministries is a God fearing body of Christians, following Jesus Christ. The Church stand in the gap, building bridges,bringing people together in Love, which is the Church's motto.

The Church has a momentum of uniting the isolated people, the forsaken people, the poor, the rich, professionals, non-professionals, the educated, the uneducated, high officials, the low ranked, families, couples, widows and orphans together in one spirit, one mind, one accord and one love.

The accord and aim is seeking, worshiping God, the Almighty Jehovah, who is concerned of His people and answers, now. He is a God of Now. Naioth House International Ramah Ministries is a place of refuge, a place of enjoying the presence of God.

God placed a Passion for Welfare of the the under privilaged, widows and orphans in His Servant Rev.S. Rupiya, to love them and accommodate them in the Vision, providing them with materrially and financial support set up to support programs.

Seeing the Heaven Open

John 1 : 51 ‘Then He said, ‘The truth is , you will all see the Heaven open and angels of God going up and down upon the Son of Man’.

Naioth House International Ramah Ministries is purpose driven church, following Jesus Christ and fully empowered by the Holy Spirit. The Church’s vision is to preach the Word of God to all generations, men and women, leading them to Jesus Christ.

This year’s mandate is to bring people to Christ and empower them with the Word which opens their sights and enable them to see the heaven open in reality, here on earth according to John 1: 51. Many people are experiencing the presence of God in their life as He touches them and change their lifes.

 Prayers are being answered and life of people is changed. Rev. Sammy says, ‘God is not far, if we seek Him in Spirit and truth, He can manifest’. The church stands in the gap, building bridges, bringing so many people together in the presence of God.