Gideons Leadership Seminar

The Gideon's Leadership Seminar course is run by the Church (Naioth House International Ramah Ministries) under the direction of Rev.Dr.Sammy Rupiya, and it's dedicated to empowering Christian leadership by bringing hope and equipping every individual. Through it's comprehensive professional and leadership development programs, dynamic training, practical resources and life changing socially outreaches, the Gideons will find the empowerment they need for the Ministerial work and live beyond their limits everyday!


Gideon's Leadership will be equipped to:

  1. Add value and meaning to their call.
  2. Increase their capacity to create change.
  3. Expand their influence with other people.
  4. Maximize their unique leadership abilities.

Visionary Men

This ministry operates under the leadership of Rev.Sammy Rupiya, with guidance of the Men's Board. The main purpose is to build and equip men with biblical tools, so they can be spiritually balanced and be good leaders, fathers and heads of families. They are more educated on caring for the families.

They conduct forums which allow men to come together discussing life issues, family issues and influencing one another to be productive. Men are meant to create wealth and leave inheritance for the family. Only by the Word of God, men can be empowered to be of intergrity and productivity.


This Ministry is under the leadership of Rev.Sammy Rupiya and has a mandate to create happy environment for merriages and families. The main aim of this ministry is to restore health, happiness and oneness by building and equiping the couples with biblical tools, in order to bring up good families and produce God fearing children.

The Ministry provides a forum where couples come together in love, one spirit and one accord, discussing issues pertaining marriages and ways of breaking barriers which haunt marriages. The teachings and open talk by the forum sees progress in marriages, functioning in Godly manner, according to biblical principles. Couples, there is your Ministry, feel free to participate and contribute to the forum.


A group of 15 Orphans has been identified and recently established in Kisili, Kenya. Presently they are accommodated at the Pastor's house, and the Pastors are providing meals / food, though there is still a shortage of food.

The Church is in the process of seeking proper accommodation and better school for these Orphans. Much sponsorship and Aid is being sought from individuals, NGO's, Private and Public sectors, Govt. Authorities and Dept.

The main vision for the Church is to build "Prophet Samuel Institute" in Zimbabwe for the Orphans and all Less-privilaged, with a goal of equipping them with educational tools. Hence they will be marketable in the Society at large.

Those who are keen to assist with material aid / financial aid are most Welcome and would be much appreciated and you are encouraged to call or e-mail :


This Ministry operates under the leadership of Rev.Dr.Sammy Rupiya, with guidance of the Youth chair person and youth committee board. The main purpose is to build and equip the youth with biblical tools, so they can be Spiritiual balanced and be good future leaders in Church and the society.

The youth holds periodical forums which enables them to come together discussing life prosperity and future business, and influencing one another to be focused and productive. Youth are biblical meant to acquire the inheritance mentioned in Judges 3.

Only by the Word of God, the youth can be empowered to be difference and work hard to achieve success.

Potential Women

The Ministry runs under the leadership of Rev.Dr.Sammy Rupiya, with guidance of Pastor (Mrs) Bervely Rupiya working with the women board. Its motto is to bring women to their position of saving, equipping them with all biblical knowledge and understanding and help all women in every level, every field to walk with God.

The ministry empowers women spiritually, physically, materially and economically by providing avenues of responsibilities and knowing their role. (Proverbs 31 verses 26 to 30) as Sarah backed up Abrahim in all walks of spiritual life, so today's women are encouraged to take a deeper stance and stand firm aside men on their biblical positions.

Christian and Biblical Counselling

Christian and Biblical Counselling must counsel the soul with techniques generated by the Spirit of God , counselling which is not Christian counsels the soul with techniques generated by the spirit of the world.

Counselling can have multiple meanings including offering advice , encouragement , sharing wisdom , skills , setting goals and resolving conflicts etc. The major part of counselling is resolving issues and restoring success and life in someone who had been desperate. Christian and Biblical counselling is distinct from secular counselling. Christian Counselling rises to another dimension , in contrast to psychologically integrated systems.

Christian and Biblical Counselling seeks to carefully discover those areas which a Christian may be disobedient to the principles and commands of the Scripture , and help someone to learn how to lovingly submit to God's will.

2 Timothy 3 : 16-17 "All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It straightens us out and teaches us to do what is right. It is God's way of preparing us in every way , fully equipped for every good thing God wants us to do"

We do specialize in Christian and Biblical Counselling in :

- Marriage and Family Counselling

- Premarital Counselling

- Pastoral Counselling

- Life Skills Coaching

- Grief Counselling

- Stress and Depression Counselling

- Trauma Counselling

- Abandonment Counselling

- Spiritual Counselling.

We are always thrilled to hear from you ! Since our counselling is biblical based, you need to have a Bible with you. If you have questions to ask , do not hesitate to Contact Us