Pastoral Guidence

The Church Pastors are in the position of giving assistence required by saints.

Reach Out

Every week there will be social gathering meetings events by Church Leadership and Saints.
The youth hold their social meetings twice every month.
Every month-end of April every year the Church holds its Anniversary.
Every mouth-end of August every year the Church holds its General Conferance.


Marriage Seminaries are conducted once, every three period.
The Church Pastors give all the counselling required.
Only the Pastors are meant to give advice whenever required.

Soul Care

Through teachings of the Word of God all saints will be natured.


Saints are encouraged to send their prayer requests through church e-mail or can call.





The Church conduct Funeral Services; on request.
Bereavement Counselling are conducted by the Church Pastors.



All the Counselling is done professionally by the Church Pastors.
Marriage banners are done by the Church.



Extended Care

The Church Leadership do hospital visits, praying for the sick.
Some prayers can be done though the phone.

Divorce Care

The Church Pastors conduct the Counsellings and give Prayers.

Grief Share

The Pastoral does the Counselling, give Prayers and Teaching of the Word of God.

If you need any help regarding the above please: